Tower of Technobabble

Predictions for the new year? Check. Resolutions for the new year? Check. In-depth discussion about topless lighters? Check. Hot Robot-on-Robot action? Check. Seriously, if you’re offended by the prospect of robosexual relations, you might want to skip

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We take a look at Towerbot's family tree as we go from the early days of Univac to a time where you'll wear petaflops on your wrist. Also, we look at recording your attempted murder on your iPhone, NASA making a big whoops with some moon rocks, look at th

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We examine the pods you'll be commuting to work in one day, note that the search for our extra terrestrial overlords begins anew, check out a guy who won't take "hell no" for an answer, and look at the reasons Pluto was kicked out of the Planet Club.

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This week, on a very sleepy Tower of Technobabble, we are taught lessons by a Twittering Kansas teen, dare to delve into money an politics, wonder if NASA just sneezed all over Mars, tell the sad tale of a man who lost a game of angry, angry hippos, look

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We stick a fork in lab-grown meat, ponder alien eviction notices, look at sexy ghosts, and give things we are thankful and not thankful for in 2011. Also, how to make an impression at the Thanksgiving table. Follow these tips and you will live forever.

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With the Repeater out on assignment, we bring in a guest host and talk about a topic that we've avoided for Ben's sake: Video Games! We examine where we came from in our gamer's walk, and where this beloved pastime is taking us.

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In a very short, very intense episode, the Tower crew finds out that there’s been some intercontinental malfeasance afoot, and decides that this cannot — nay, WILL NOT — stand! Join us for a story filled with justice, betrayal, doppelgangers and som

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This week, we wrap up the season of fear by telling terrible tales around the campfire. Also, we discuss dolls who are heroes, and an indiana family who made chilling discoveries in their new home.

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The season of fear rolls on, as the tower crew discusses the pop culture scares that made them the traumatized geeks they are today. Also, we delve into why bigfoot and rattlesnakes changed the Repeater's career path.

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To continue our Season of Fear, we send Kentucky Slim up a tower to face his fears, and look at what is physically happening to him as he fights the urge to wet 'em. The rest of the Tower crew gets real and shares their fears, too. Come with us, if you da

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