Tower of Technobabble

We debate the various ways to build a better geek when handed a new, blank human. We also bid adieu to Columbo, hop on the new, improved ark, and wonder why certain things make the sounds that they do. That's what she said.

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We investigate the Duke Nukem he-man woman haters club, look at the latest in smeary bigfoot evidence, tell you where you can cash in on your own bigfoot pictures, and go under the sea to examine lost, wet civilizations.

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We find out if rock and roll really IS trying to steal your soul via backwards masking. (spoiler: the results are inconclusive). We also look at storing your life in the cloud and wayward bigfoots

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The tower of technobabble returns from rapture with news of elderly japanese heroes, useless protests of the past and an in-depth look at lake monsters from around the world - including one in our own home town?

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