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And we're back! We kick off season two by following the money in Congress for an Internet-crippling law, look at North Korean brotherly love, find an unfortunately named town in China, learn about trading sex for nuggets, and see what a brother has to do to get a tax break in Kentucky.


• SOPAbox:

- Former Internet Rights supporter Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) gets most money in Senate from Pro-SOPA lobby:[D]=D&party[R]=R&party[I]=I&state&custom_from=07%2F01%2F2005&custom_to=06%2F30%2F2011&all_pols=1&uid=3073&interests-support=C2200-C2100-C2000-C2400-C2600-C2300&interests-oppose=C5140&from=07-01-2005&to=06-30-2011&source=pacs-nonpacs&campaign=congressional

- Former senator — now MPAA head — Chris Dodd is angry the politicians he bought and paid for didn't follow through:

- Dodd is the target of a petition aiming to investigate him for bribery (which is just good, ol' fashion lobbying, which, of course, is a form of bribery):

• Town in China gets renamed:

• Kim Jong Un poo poo’d by brother:

• Woman Offers Sex for McNuggets:

• Kentucky education vs religion:

TED Talk with Clay Shirky:

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We bounce around time and examine real-life time travelers, and also cut George Lucas a break. We also make a shocking decision about the future of the Tower itself.

January 2, 2012

Show links:

• Jedi religion on the rise -

• Time Travel - The Philadelphia Experiment and

• Time Travel - Hakan Nordkvist

• Time Travel - John Titor

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