Tower of Technobabble
Tower of Technobabble S02E18 - Carousel of Anger

The Conduit tries to sink the film "Battleship" (Spoiler alert - no on sinks the battleship), Kentucky Slim and his brother ponder keyboard layout, and the Repeater warns of the potential trouble female, um, issues can have with bigfoot while camping.

Show Notes:

Every line Rihanna says in Battleship -
One word review (with more words added) -
Showing Battleship to wounded soldiers (haven't they suffered enough?) -

Inexplicable review from Entertainment Weekly -,,20483133_20587674,00.html

Crazy Stuff My Brother Says - Keyboards are for left-handed people

Chicks dig bigfoot:
Bigfoot mating season

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This week the world is flying apart with World War 2 airplane crashes, rocks bursting into flames, extraterrestrial Armageddon spheres, and the repeater revealing his plan for continuing education. Oh, the humanities.

Show Notes:

• Desert Time Capsule:

• Woman has rocks in her pockets burst into flames :

• The Betz Mystery Sphere — Will it kill us all or something?

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We hail a space taxi, and we find the absolute best moment of the Kentucky Derby. Also, we learn about the most awesome ring in, or out, of the world, and question why on earth someone wouldn't want one just like it. And, did the Russians just flat out copy our late, lamented space shuttle back in the 1980s? (Spoiler alert: Yes, they certainly did.)

Show notes:
• Guy makes his own weding ring out of a meteorite -

• Space Taxi! -

• Buran

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The Repeater discovers automotive genitalia, we ponder the place of Gabby Hayes in space, discuss a hypothetical murder suicide homicide manslaughter conspiracy, and cut lemmings a freakin' break.

Show Notes:

James Cameron will save us all, and film it —

• Hypothetical murder/suicide —

• Lemming suicide —

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We find that wrongdoers can't hide from the long arm of the Internet, decide how we'll get around after the apocalypse, find out how an eccentric millionaire caught the Repeater's fancy, and do our first check in with Kentucky Slim's brother.

Show Notes:

Website’s Commenters  identify a piece of a car broken off in a hit and run and help cops track down the suspect  -

Getting Around after the apocalypse -

Eccentric millionaire fails spectacularly -

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