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This week, we look at the severed heads of presidents, go looking for elusive sub atomic particles, look at the battle between a lawyer and those trying to cure cancer, and Paul says "penis" at one point during the podcast.

Show Notes:

George W. Bush had quick guest shot on Game of Thrones -

Web Cartoonist sued when he pointed out that another site was just reposting his cartoons. He replies. Lawyer currently committing internet suicide -

The link says it all -

Excitement Builds Over Higgs Data!! -

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Hey! Where's the Podcast?

Uh, we had a slight weapons malfunction, but uh... everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?


Oh, all right. We had to bail Towerbot out of customs from his latest international incident, or pay the impound fee — it's really a grey area — but anyway, mistakes were made. Apparently, Towerbot had one all ready to go for us. It's file name was "revenge," but I don't see a problem with it…

Show Notes:

There are no show notes

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We bring in a ringer to get ourselves ready for the new Batman film next month. Kevin Gibson stops by to discuss all things Bat - past, present and future. Also, a dead flying cat.

Show Notes:

Flying Death!! -


GREAT interview with Michael Uslan -

1960s Batman show to come to DVD? (Updated: Sadly, no)

Preparing for Dark Knight Rises:

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This Week, we look at a series of drug-fueled zombie attacks, and then try to make sense of teens looking to Twilight the vampire for the answer to life's big questions, one of which being why are sparkling vampires better than regular vampires?

Show Notes:
• Zombie Apocalypse!! No, not really. Bath Salts! —<br><br>
And, of course, Florida is the epicenter —<br><br>
However... <br>
Twilight religion? (and people searching for religion in general) -<br>

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