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We learn about the evil Denver airport and it's devil horse, talk about that glory hound Curiosity, examine Little Death House on the Prairie, and attempt to fill the Conduit's geek hole of missing information. Also, was Little Orphan Annie the victim of experimentation and war profiteering?

The Denver Airport and its big, big, big blue horse with the glowing red eyes:

Little House on the Death Prairie:

BSG episode 4 & 5, “Lost Planet of the Gods.”:,_Part_I,_Part_II

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We talk about local cartoonist legend Don Rosa and the opportunity to get your grubby mitts on some of his sweet work. We also talk about crashing space planes and old television programs that the Conduit didn't get to see as a child because of unfortunate geographic circumstances. And, as a special bonus, we recruit Friend of The Show (and Towerbot's Dad) Daggor to fill in for the still-mysteriously missing Kentucky Slim.

Show Notes:
• Hyper sonic plane does an oopsy -,0,7169817.story

• The Life and Times of Don Rosa -
General Info -

Don Rosa Classics -

An Interview -

Don Rosa's Omnicon Brochure -

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Since it appears that Kentucky Slim is A.W.O.L., the Bald Stallion answers the call to help make our triumvirate. This time, we reminisce about how hard things were for geeks back in the 1970s, and remind ourselves that we're middle aged.

Show Notes:

• Our BFF Monica Wolfson was at Mission Control when Curiosity touched down on Mars. We hope to have her on later to talk about it, but someone beat us to the punch -

• Wanna own a Animatronic Hillbilly Band? Of course you do! -

and here they are in action:

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Kentucky Slim's brother, Jimmy, gets us onto a long, strange discussion about monkey prostitution, we look at gorillas getting smarter, and we open a rather confusing contest, looking for one sweet essay. Also, bigFOOT or bigFEET?

Show Notes:
Prostitution Among Animals:

Gorillas are learning the tricks of the poachers (good for gorillas!):

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund:

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