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A heartfelt wish for holiday cheer from the Tower crew, along with a dire warning for safety in the kitchen.

Show Notes:

Cumin -

Coumadin -

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Our show quickly flies off the rails as we talk about, believe it or not, Former Senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole's genitalia. It's not quite as gross as it sounds. Almost, but not quite. We also talk about Britney Spears, but back when she was hot. And was in a commercial with Bob Dole.

Show Notes:

Pepsi Is Releasing a New Brand of ‘Fat-Blocking’ Cola - sure not to cause tumors or anything….

They Might Be Giants Cryptid Playing Cards

ABC Denver station says “oops.”

Russia accidentally cuts the cable to all its satellites

The Dole/Kemp website from 1996 is still up:

and this was briefly available - like looking into an alternate universe

The Commercial in Question:

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It's apparently Angry Day at the ol' Tower - from Towerbot's depressive spiral to the Conduit's anger at an (Austrian) national treasure. Pick an opinion and stick with it this week!

Show Notes:

Towbot's not in the Robot Hall of Fame...yet.: and

Italian Scientists get six years in prison for failing to predict an earthquake:

'Fearless' Felix Baumgartner turns out to be a bit of a ingrateful jerk; Mars is a waste of money:


Astronomer Allen Epling films strange cigar-shaped UFO type object in sky above Kentucky

Channel 18 News! Holy Crap Yo!:

Identified? - You tell me:


1955 Hopkinsville, Ky alien “attack” :

1993 Louisville, Ky alien “attack”:

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We're so gob-stopped by the news of Disney buying LucasFilm, and therefore Star Wars, that we had to send out for an extra geek to spread the load. Bryan from Movie Meltdown joins our Tower team this week.

Show Notes:

Man, swing a dead cat on the Internet and you'll find stuff on this. This was a particularly good article, we thought:

The Site where our guest hangs his hat:

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