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This week, we dive into our Christmas festivities by pointing out that "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" is a terrible, terrible story to tell children, and then go into Christmas myths that aren't quite as jolly as our modern society is used to.

Show Notes:

Intro - Why is Ben so upset that the world didn't end?

The sad, discriminatory story of Rudolph:

Knecht Ruprecht:

Christmas Dinner in Japan:

Spoiler! Ben's Christmas Miracle:

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This week, we prepare to kiss our sweet asses goodbye as we get ready for the Mayan apocalypse. C'mon in, grab a beer, and settle in as we run down the highlights of the late, great planet Earth. Take off your shoes and stay awhile. Hell, take off your pants, too, because it's all over in a few scant days. Set phasers to Par-tay!

Show notes:

There's no time for homework! It's the end of the world!

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This week, we discuss getting teenage mice drunk, why racists, douchebags and other undesirables on the Internet should expect no mercy or privacy (and why it's kind of funny when they do), and examine why the scientific method takes such a brutal beating when it comes to bigfoot "evidence." 

Show Notes:

Teens with genes: why binge-drinking is not their fault!

Discussion Pit:
Shaming the racists and those who behave like douchebags:

BIGFOOT ROUNDUP: Hosted by Paul!(?)

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This week, after a brisk round of pledge driving (and appologies to Diane Rehm), The Repeater asks a trick question, we go over the strange and tragic tale of Pope John VIII, find out what social media platform Russians are gaga over and take a ride with a space knight.

Show notes:

Pope Joan -

Romney Tattoo dude has the regrets -

ROM Spaceknight to return? And can the Micronauts be far behind?

Last 50 images posted to Live Journal -

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