Tower of Technobabble

One of the Tower crew gets gainfully employed, Microsoft shoots itself in the foot while Sony holds the gun, the death toll in Man of Steel, the real-world risks of ghost hunting, and then we go on a ramble about the Lone Ranger, Fringe, The Flying Nun and the many mechanics of the Knight Industries 2000.

Show Notes:

• XBox backtracks on requirements -

• Damage done to Metropolis in “Man of Steel” fight:,99165/

• When ghost hunting goes wrong:


• Is the Lone Ranger racist?

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Model Maker Paul Francis stops by to discuss props, movies, geek culture and all manner of things from the film world, including Boba Fett rivalries, rescuing a submarine from Planet Hollywood, shooting props with shotguns, and which sci-fi spaceship has the biggest boobs. Believe it or not, that last one actually has an answer.

Show Notes:

Lucas Francis Studios:

Paul Francis IMDB Page:

Moebius Models:

Round 2 Models: 

The instructions for the Enterprise Model, if you're so inclined:

EMP Museum (Seattle):

Because it seemed appropriate, the Top 75 Spaceships in Movies and TV:

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We explore the made up world of mermaid reality television, and then dive into a deep black pool of conspiracies. Is the water you drink making you stupid? Are the jets in the sky controlling your mind, or the weather? Is the government hiding bigfoot to protect big timber? Tune in for the answer to these exciting questions! Unless the government shuts us down.

Water Fluoridation:



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We look at how Battle of the Planets may help the lovelorn, why Chicago will soon be looking a lot blurrier, and then dive back into the never ending pool of Commander Ashtar lore, and the Repeater calls shenanigans on the claims that a listener once hit a manatee.

Show Notes:

• Chicago Sun-Times lays off entire photography staff:

• That's My Ashtar!: 

George Van Tassell:

Howard Cocklin eyewitness interview D.C. UFO event

George Van Tassel interview (1964):


• Manatees? What's a Manatee? It's like a mermaid, right?

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