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We explore the totally gross reason trains in Australia are slipping around, why a totally grody dude is dressing like a horror clown in England, and why, like, a bitchin' Canadian couple are going back in time to teach their kids a valuable lesson. Fer shure.

Show Notes:

Thousands of millipedes! Millions of legs!

Clown is creepy on purpose in England:

But wait! Here comes Clown Catcher!

Canadian family lives like it's 1986 to teach their kids a valuable lesson! Or to get attention! Whichever!

The Bitchin' toys of 1986:

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We find out how the man is sticking it to Star Trek fans yet again, then talk about the last place you'd want a nasty surprise, party down with more Chick Lit Theater, and look at the latest attempt by the Syfy channel to torpedo geek culture with it's show "Heroes of Cosplay." it's a deep dive into the rabbit hole this week.

Show Notes:

• Paramount STICKS IT to the Star Trek Fans again:

• Starbucks surprise!

Alice Cooper Surprise!

And just because they gotta test these things:

• Chick Lit Theater Presents "Party Girl"

• Heroes of Cosplay: 

What it is:

One opinion of why it's bad:

Aaaaaaand it's being accused of copyright infringement: 

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Towerbot set a geek snob straight, then we discuss underground real estate, stuff that happened a longer time ago in a galaxy slightly closer, rampant lesbianism at DC comics, try to make heads or tales of a fuzzy conspiracy theory, and then learn how someone's dead grandpa became a town's mascot. Oh, and Ben figures out what he's going as for halloween.

Show Notes:

• They’ve made a comic out of the First Draft of George Lucas’ “The Star Wars” script. It’s...different:

• Batwoman’s wedding is nixed:

Update: DC clarifies that it's not that she's gay, but because heroes shouldn't be happy:

• An email at from listener Cynthia suggesting that we discuss this unusually strange conspiracy theory: 

Vladimir Putin The Dragon Slayer? Archangel Michael? St. George?

• The strange journey of the Frozen Dead Grandpa:

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Towerbot, the Repeater and the Conduit had to go save the world or something, leaving Kentucky Slim to man the fort solo. Seriously, we have no idea what's on this podcast, but we trust Slim. We think his brother, L'il Jimmy Slim might have stopped by or something? Direct all mail to

Show Notes:

Absoluely no frickin' idea.

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