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We discuss the exploits of Evel Knievel, beloved movies getting sequels, how The Repeater finds the films Up and Saving Private Ryan very similar, as only The Repeater can, then discuss the crazy theories about missing planes put forth by news organizations that should really know better, and how the NCAA is looking out for the kids they can’t make money off of.


Show Notes:


They’re making Incredibles 2! Yay! Also Cars 3! Ick!


Crazy lady thinks aliens took Malaysia Airlines Flight 370


Other mysterious plane disappearances:


The NCAA officially opposes gambling on brackets in March!



How you can — and can’t — use the term “March Madness,” because the kids or something:




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This week, Science Advisor Rich stops by to kick some knowledge on the freewheeling good times in the snake pits of yesteryear, then takes our crew on a tour of our solar system and gives us a quiz that the average American is apparently having trouble with. Also, The Repeater gets increasingly disenchanted with the american space program.


Show Notes:

Glamping comes to Indy 500


• Americans ignorant about science? Pish posh! Oh, wait — the Earth really does rotate around the Sun? Never mind. But, hey, take the quiz yourself along with us:


• So how big is the solar system really? If the Sun were the size of a bowling ball, get ready for what’s still a long walk:


• Just for fun, play God (or fate or time or whatever floats your boat):

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The Conduit treads on some dangerous ground as he makes one, final, all or nothing effort to get the Repeater to "get" superheroes. Daggor is dragged into the conversation as we discuss racism in superhero casting, why marvel is whupping DC’s behind in the film industry and who we would like to see put up on the silver screen.



Show Notes:

Michael B. Jordan as Johnny “The Human Torch” Storm


• Marvel Vs. DC Movies - Who’s more successful?

• What the hell is the deal with Wonder Woman?


Rom: Spaceknight!

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This week, we “borrow” a British gentleman to talk about the paranormal happenings across the pond, as they say. It’s a lively topic, and I’m sure there’s no way he’ll sue us. To be on the safe side, though, Legal bot is in standby mode.


Show Notes

British Crop Circles (including the Bower & Chorley hoaxes) -


Children of the Stones (1977 television program) -


Beast of Exmoor - hellspawn or just a cute kitty? and


Beast of Bodmin -


Spring Hill Jack -


Devil’s Footprints -'s_Footprints


Hairy Hands -



Jersy Devil (topping off with some US-centric craziness) -

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