Tower of Technobabble

We try to fill a bigfoot-sized hole in the Repeater’s heart by stuffing it full of human weirdoes, scientific conjecture, and ass-slapping. We may not have done it, but we had fun trying.


Show Notes


Human Headlines!

Woman Arrested on Bestiality Charges After Looking for Horse on Craigslist:


Teen Arrested with Loaded Gun in Hoo-Ha


Man Lost At Sea for 14 Months Denies Eating Shipmate


Who’s Where When in Game of Thrones?


Which GoT Family are you? We’re told the answers may surprise you!


Answer this decade’s burning question: Are you a hipster?


Earth’s Eight Biggest Unsolved Mysteries (?)



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We share some big news about an upcoming event, and then look at secret space fleets, Russia’s next annexation target, the search for buried treasure that no one wanted in the first place, and lies told by insane rednecks to achingly cute little girls.


Show Notes

We go for a world record at the 2014 Wonderfest

Existing Record:

Wonderfest -


The stunning details on Earth’s secret space fleet! Shhhhh!

John Lear Disclosure briefing to Art Bell:

the text of the John Lear briefing:


Russia’s designs on… The Moon!


Did atari really bury millions of copies of the game “ET The Extra terrestrial” in a landfill dump in New Mexico?



• the high times of Atari in 1981 -

•  getting the game rights -

• background on the creator -

• Final solution -

• A documentary about the search -

• Also, Lisa -


Bigfoot Roundup

Rick Dyer admits he lied and faked a body and cheated people … again

…even though he was on international news in January saying it was 100% real

BTW, here’s the petition to have him charged with fraud, if you’re bored this weekend...

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We see who gets the space station in the big American/ Russian space break up, and then cast an eye into the future by examining the art of futurism, and then break out the old crystal ball and discuss what of modern culture will survive into the future, and what won’t.


Show Notes:

NASA suspends all Russian space cooperation … except for going to that pesky Space Station…


The spaceship company Ben is rooting for (unicorn kisses!) -


Historical Perspectives:

The history of futurology -


DIscussion Pit: 

“Macbeth” sound clip is from


The Global Internet Map (you can see our house from there!):

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We take a quick look at the newest quest to pull back the shower curtain on the wonders of the sea before moving on to see why most societies in human history, possibly including ours, started to swirl down history’s bathtub drain. Grab your rubber ducky and your water wings and let’s watch civilization sink into the depths.


Show Notes:


Science Update

The Starship Enterprise of the Sea:


cutaway view:


Layout:  check out the command bridge, navigational bridge, the underwater hanger, the communication room … it’s so sci-fi!


Discussion Pit

Society is DOOMED (scientists claim): 


Three examples:

Haiti vs Dominican Republic:


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