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We interview Dave Conover, the man who is going to let us set a world record at WonderFest this weekend, and Towerbot divulges the details of one of his many hobbies. Then, we bow to the inevitable and have a debate on various and sundry developments in the Star Wars universe. Daggor joins the fray, so c’mon in, take your shoes off and sit a spell, won’t you?


Show Notes:


World Record Attempt




Info on our attempt:




Star Wars - The photo that launched a bazillion geek debate, including this one:

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The Repeater regales us with tales of Chattanooga, then we look at ancient tools of a popular author, surprising things the Pope says, and Kentucky Slim flies off the handle about UFO disinformation from the government. Oh, yeah, and the Repeater has breaking news about the Sugar Flat Road Creature Head, which sounds like a bunch of words jammed together but he swears it's a real thing.


Show Notes:

• We still need witnesses for our World Record attempt at Wonderfest on May 30 - June 1:


• George R.R. Martin and the DOShraki (Ha! Geek humor!):


• UFO disinformation - Who the hell can we trust? 



Law Enforcement Hoaxes and muddying the waters:


Where do we go from here?


• Pope Francis says he would totally baptize aliens (the outer space kind - we checked):


• The Sugar Flat Road Creature Head:





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Daggor joins us to discuss the obligatory Star Wars news, then we look at voluntary invasive technology, and terrible, awful animals that should not exist. We then end with another installment of Chick Tract Theater, where Towerbot does a bitchin’ imitation of the Repeater.


Show Notes:


Star Wars Episode VII looking to cast ugly people:


Headline: Crazy Implant Girl!


The Wasp that creates zombie cockroaches and yuck yuck YUCK!


Headline! Octogoat!


Chick Tract Theater: Evil Eyes!

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We're excited about the prospect of having new Jedis to kick around, and then follow up on an urban legend that actually turned out to be true and a UFO story that probably won’t. We then look at the exciting escape plan of some German cows and end it all with the Repeater taking his Bigfoot rage out on the goldfish lobby. Warning: This episode contains an extreme ear worm. You’ve been warned.


Show Notes:


Star Wars Cast announced, with a whopping one woman!

But another woman is coming:

also, stormtrooper walking across Australia for charity:



UFOs captured on film! Maybe!



Cows explode barn with the only tool at their disposal:



Update! They actually found the E.T. Cartridges!



10 Animal myths people believe are true:


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