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We continue our two-parter with Science Advisor Rich, where we talk World War II, including deadly nazi submarine toilets, unsinkable cats, a Starfleet engineer’s missing digit and a host of other stuff.


Show Notes:

70th Anniversary of the longest day


Lockheed Burbank Airplane factory camouflaged to look like a town


Toilet malfunction sinks a Nazi U-Boat


Unsinkable Sam the cat


Surplus Purple Hearts


Tracer bullets


New way to clean a clogged toilet

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Science advisor Rich joins us as we discuss the amount of ass our childhood heroes kicked, the strange case of a man with epic insomnia, the approaching artificial intelligence apocalypse that Towerbot’s warned them about for years and the sad fate of computer pioneer Alan Turing.


Show Notes:


• Something for the Repeater from Sean Vale via Facebook:


• The Bloodshot Tale of Paul Kern, or why a well-placed bullet through the frontal lobe might keep you up for 40 years:


• A computer passed the Turing Test for the first time!


• Actually, it didn’t, and the idea is stupid anyway:


• The Shameful Tale of A.I. Pioneer Alan Turing, or Chemically Castrating Your WWII Heroes is Wrong and Can’t Be Made Up for 60 Years After the Fact:

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This week, on the tower of technobabble, we have two interviews conducted at their recent world record attempt at Wonderfest 2014. The first interview is with academy award winning special effect master Phil Tippett, on how he got into the business, how he’s preserving effects from his past films, and how he’s currently using special effects to tell a new story. Then, we speak with an honest-to-gosh stormtrooper about what goes in to a kick-ass stormtrooper’s uniform, how the imperial ranks are simply misunderstood, and how his group, the 501st legion, is working to do some good on our planet. We also get into some real-world issues from a different perspective than we usually see.


Show Notes

Interview with Phil TIppett

IMDB Info:

Help Phil Make Mad God, Part 2!:

Tippett Studio:

Chronicle Collectibles:


Interview with Alex Brown (TK-3855) - 

Name, Rank Serial Number:

The Story Behind R2-KT and the people behind it: and

The 501st Legion (Vader’s Fist, yo!):


Ultra Pop!




Allllllll the 40 hours worth of material we got at Wonderfest:

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After their recent breaking of the Guinness Book of World Record for Longest Uninterrupted Webcast this past weekend (Pending), the Tower's meat bags are very, very sleepy.

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