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We return to the thrilling days of yesteryear, when, during the world record attempt at Wonderfest, our scratchy throated cast of meat bags attempted to do an episode from the Lone Ranger radio show. Get ready for accents going berserk, the most awkward saddling scene ever, and the surprising revelation about where our hero got all that silver. 


Show Notes:



The Lone Ranger Radio Show Info:


The script, if you’d like to follow along:



How the pros did it:

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We conclude our talk with JR Southall on apocalyptic films that grabbed our attention, and then, at the end of all things, we discuss the future of the Tower of Technobabble.


Show Notes


• White Mountains/Tripods -

The White Mountains comics from Boys Life Magazine:


“The White Mountains”


“The City of Gold and Lead”


“The Pool of Fire”



• The Terminator


•The Quiet Earth


• 28 Days Later


Also mentioned:


- The Miracle Mile:

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It’s doomsday all day at the Tower as we begin a two-part series with our friend from across from what used to be the Atlantic Ocean JD Southall. We take a look at cinematic apocalypses (apocalypi?) and examine why we probably would envy the dead, because we hate camping.


Show Notes:


War of the Worlds


Logan’s Run


The Day of the Triffids




I Am Legend


Omega Man


Last Man on Earth

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We’re giving you our presentation of the Sam Spade radio classic “The Blood Money Caper,” performed by our trio of scratchy throated players from their world record attempt at Wonderfest last month.  All apologies to the hard workin’, hard drinkin’, hard lovin’ writers and actors from 1946 who originally brought this to the airwaves. For maximum effect, I’d recommend staying awake for 27 hours before listening - at that point, it’s gold.


Show Notes:

Some background on our play:


The actual script, if you’d like to play along:


Another take on it by others who have had sleep and have actual girls for the girl roles:

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