Tower of Technobabble

We take a look at one of the major symptoms of the impending death of newspapers, and the celebrate the fact that we (humans) hit a comet with a robot.


Show Notes:

Old People now rule the funnies!


Rosetta: Ambition: The Film:

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The Conduit regales us with tales of his adventure to Scotland. And by regales, I mean shows us his slides. He witnessed a bloodless attempt at revolution, and somehow managed to avoid scams in Paris.






Part of Grand Theft Auto V came from Scotland:


Scams to watch out for in Paris (The Conduit saw two instances of this, and a friend saw a third, so this list is pretty darned accurate):



The return trip, where some jerk set the Chicago FAA Tower on fire:

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We get down to fundamentals this week with another episode of Chick Tract Theater. And, spoiler alert, Halloween and peer pressure are the fast track to putting your hand in Satan’s surprise basket of candy.


Show Notes:

Happy Halloween:

The Little Princess (the one we almost did this week)

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