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We talk Star Wars. Because of COURSE we talk Star Wars. Also, one of our group was not as enamored of the film as might be expected....


Show Notes:
It's Star Wars. The Internet is engorged with Star Wars. Take your pick.

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On the first "Fun Sized" TOT, The Repeater reveals what he was up to during our hiatus: He was writing "Rockford Files" fan fiction.

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Everything old is new again it seems, with Star Trek, MST3K and that indie movie from the '70s, Star Wars, coming back around. This week, we take a look at this trend, as well as examine the Conduit's new old obsession.


MST3K Kickstarter project:


New Star Trek Series:


Star Wars: Couldn’t find anything. Sorry.


Hawaii Five-O:


Baywatch - Complete Collection (Including Baywatch Nights) -


Proper Beard Management:

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