Tower of Technobabble

We dust off that old fan favorite segment, Ask TowerBot, to get our resident AI's take on the problems of our listenership. (Corrected version - sorry about that!)

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On this week’s fun sized episode, the Conduit, inspired by the Repeater’s Rockford Files fan fiction, has decided to take his latest obsession, Hawaii Five O, and have Rockford solve a case on their turf.

(Note: The Hawaii Five O depicted in this audio drama is the rebooted, sexy modern version, not the version from the 1970s with an increasingly skeletal Jack Lord. Adjust expectations as necessary.)

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Daggor comes in to do a little light file keeping and, basically, rework the biggest movie in history, when he finds himself in the minority when it comes to "The Force Awakens." Will he keep his card key and Tower entrance codes? Tune in and find out!

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