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Kentucky Slim re-reconsiders some of his past reconsiderations about aliens, and the Conduit tries to capture the zeitgeist of our times, with predictable results.

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Science Advisor Rich renounces Science, and instead embraces the magical world of Harry Potter, the clitoris, and other magical entities. Also, the Conduit finally comes to grips with his ultimate lot in life.

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After a brief identity crisis, Kentucky Slim regales us of tales from his adventure to Ireland, and the Repeater offers a story of a band trip gone wrong in the deep south.

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Got a question? Towerbot's got an answer. It'll be an awful, possibly illegal answer, but it's an answer, dammit!

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We dust off the Tower's equipment and launch into Season 7, talking about Rogue One, Gilmore Girls, Mad Men and a creepy guy with questionable material in his freezer. It's like we never left!


Show Notes:

• Gilmore Girls Info:
• Bigfoot hand unveiled, along with a bit of a meltdown:
• The Repeater and The Conduit chat about the world record that both we broke and broke us:
• Paul's Wonderful new album, Medicine's Medicine:
• Dave's Spiffy new book:

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We dust off that old fan favorite segment, Ask TowerBot, to get our resident AI's take on the problems of our listenership. (Corrected version - sorry about that!)

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On this week’s fun sized episode, the Conduit, inspired by the Repeater’s Rockford Files fan fiction, has decided to take his latest obsession, Hawaii Five O, and have Rockford solve a case on their turf.

(Note: The Hawaii Five O depicted in this audio drama is the rebooted, sexy modern version, not the version from the 1970s with an increasingly skeletal Jack Lord. Adjust expectations as necessary.)

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Daggor comes in to do a little light file keeping and, basically, rework the biggest movie in history, when he finds himself in the minority when it comes to "The Force Awakens." Will he keep his card key and Tower entrance codes? Tune in and find out!

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We talk Star Wars. Because of COURSE we talk Star Wars. Also, one of our group was not as enamored of the film as might be expected....


Show Notes:
It's Star Wars. The Internet is engorged with Star Wars. Take your pick.

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On the first "Fun Sized" TOT, The Repeater reveals what he was up to during our hiatus: He was writing "Rockford Files" fan fiction.

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